James Poole

Getting Away from Game Shite

Summary: Do something non game related that incites hope (Adapted from the How To zine)

I am sitting here feeling extremely burnt out and shitty with not much work to show for it. Over the last year that I have been working on game development, I have been listening to podcasts, watching videos and documentaries, and reading books on game developers and game development. Normally, I feel that it inspires me to keep working on my games but this evening I have found myself watching some "How this 20 year old became a full time developer" video and it is just making me feel shite. I saw something called the How To zine today and in it was the line "Do something non music related that incites hope" with regards to getting inspired. I think I need a healthy dose of that right now with game development. Give myself the permission to go and do whatever that makes me feel at ease and it is inevitable that at some random point I will be like "Fuck I would like to work on the game now.".